Prospects Development (Ages 16-20) Female-only

This program is directed towards players playing at, or about to enter Junior or College NCAA or U-Sport levels, or Midget AA with permission of the Director. The program places a heavy emphasis on intensity and execution of skills in game-like settings. The sessions combine up-tempo competitive drills interspersed with specific-skills practice. At this level, the session is more about ‘adapting and adjusting’ to the required intensity, and refining subtle skills to your game.

  • 1.5 hr ice session daily
  • Many elements as listed in “Rep Skills” but with higher emphasis on;
    • Hockey intelligence
    • small-area battles, decision-making and puck-protection under pressure
    • quickness and authority in puck-movement
    • footwork and direction changes
    • Re-directions and one-touches, adjusting angles in attacking
    • Shooting to create vs score
  • 1 hour hockey-specific off-ice conditioning workout prior to ice session
4:30 pm - 7:45 pm
July 10-14, 2017

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I am the parent or legal guardian of the named player and that the child is in good normal health, is properly equipped and has no abnormal handicaps. I hereby authorize the Brianne Jenner Hockey Academy and / or Halton Mens Hockey Inc. and / or staff of the Town of Oakville and / or anyone acting on their behalf to acquire necessary medical aid that may be required as a result of any accident or injury which may be sustained by my child. I hereby indemnify and save harmless the Brianne Jenner Hockey Academy and / or Halton Men’s Hockey Inc. and / or the Town of Oakville and / or anyone acting on their behalf and / or any one of their directors, officers, employees or volunteers from any and all actions, claims and demand for damages, loss or injury however arising which hereafter may have been sustained by the named player while participating in any activity or facility operated by the Brianne Jenner Hockey Academy and / or Halton Men’s Hockey Inc. and / or the Town of Oakville. I further understand that there is no insurance coverage for the child and that it is my responsibility to arrange coverage if required. The sport of Hockey can involve serious physical injury including but not limited to collisions with stationary objects, sticks, pucks and sharp skates. Checking below indicates that I am a parent or legal guardian having the legal right to assume the conditions above and to give my informed consent to participate on behalf of the child named above. This program operates on the property of the Town of Oakville. To this end all participants / parents / guardians will respect the facilities and grounds and will respect the rules and the staff of facilities.

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