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Live Training Sessions

Live Training Sessions!

In light of current circumstances I am happy to announce that I will be running training sessions weekly. Join me Saturdays at 1pm EST for live online training sessions.  The sessions will include some dynamic movement, hockey specific exercises and stick-handling work.  Instructions on how to participate are found below.

  1. Follow @jennerhockey on Instagram (***please do so by Friday evening as it’s a private account and I will need to accept you in order for you to access the live video).
  2. Log on to the live story at 1:00pm EST on Saturday
  3. Equipment needed:
    1. Hockey stick (and hockey gloves if you’d like)
    2. Golf ball, tennis ball or stick-handling ball
    3. pylons (if you don’t have pylons 2 pucks will do!)

Training will be about 25-30 min. followed by a Q and A. Any flat surface will do, carpet, driveway, you’ll just need space to stick-handle and spread out.

Lastly, for those in our hockey family that continue to go to work either in essential services, in health care or in public service, THANK YOU!

Stay safe.

Coach Bri