We have received many requests for hockey specific training programs for the off-season and I am very excited to launch our new program accessible to players this coming July. It is a very comprehensive program, and will provide players more value and more resources to make the most of this unique time as they prepare for return to play in the fall. This 6-week Individualized Hockey Training Program is specifically designed for players’ personal goals and delivered through the app Bridge Tracker Athletic (free app). Most of the program has the player training in outside areas, either at home or in a nearby field area with little to no equipment needed. This will again be a summer of much unpredictability, but young athletes are craving normalcy and routine. I’m pleased that this program will offer targets, expectations, loads of activity, and provide much-needed structure. And yes, it should be fun too!

The 6-week program is comprised of 18 sessions. While the general expectation is that the player is active 3x/wk in the program, naturally there is ample allowance for the player to modify this to accommodate travel, vacation plans, and other sports*.

  • *I am a huge believer in being active in other sports (and hopefully some of those opportunities exist this summer), so please don’t feel that this program should be the principal form of activity. Be active in other sports and activities too!
  • The program will have a hockey-based theme to all activities with an emphasis on skating mechanics, and puck skills while providing a foundation in strength, speed, power,  and general aerobic conditioning. This is truly an individualized program (based on player feedback, identified areas for improvement, their goals, age and level of play).
  • Players will have unlimited email communication with Coach Brianne to track progress, ask questions and modify the program as well as access to Brianne on a weekly Zoom. This will allow players to connect live with Brianne and each other to share experiences, ask questions, and connect with others within the program.
  • Players will have an In-app detailed description of the program including schedule, workout plans, details of exercises, as well as videos of each movement and cues for athletes to focus on. 

To register, or if you have any questions about the suitability of the program for your player, please email info@jennerhockey.com.  I will happily and confidently construct a program for someone as young as 8 yrs with limited hockey experience, to players aged 16 who have visions of higher-level hockey. These will be very different of course, but will be ‘on target’ for the maturity level and intentions of each.  

I am so excited to be able to build a plan for player development on an individual basis and provide additional value and detailed coaching for my players!

-Coach Bri



(at full capacity)

Train with Brianne this summer! Off-ice training groups and programs for ages 8-14. In-person outdoor training sessions that will be a combination of strength and conditioning exercises and hockey specific skill work. A fun and engaging opportunity for young players looking to make some strides in their off-season! More details can be found at the link below!

BJHA Summer Off-Ice Group Training

SUMMER 2021 HOCKEY ACADEMY (*cancelled)

Unfortunately we have come to the decision that we cannot offer our on-ice programs this coming summer. Due to the timeline of the Ontario reopening plan as well as my move to Calgary for Olympic Centralization mid-summer it just simply won’t be feasible for us to operate any indoor recreation before then.

I am definitely disappointed as I always look forward to the Academy and it is a highlight of my summer each and every year. I really hope to be back next summer and to be able to be on-ice with players soon.

– Coach Bri

Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, Oakville Ontario

Seymour-Hannah Rec Centre, St. Catharines Aug 10-14

Program Overview

Registration is open and several programs are filling quickly. We’ve expanded our program offerings again, but do advise registering early! (Last year several players were placed on a wait list as most programs sold out).

Over 140 female players attended the 2019 Academy across five different programs! Thanks to everyone for your contributions towards a great week of skill-building, great development and fun!

Developing youngsters as well as elite-level players will find programs that are both FUN and CHALLENGING. A member of Team Canada for over ten years, Brianne calls on her National and International experience to lead an outstanding group of quality instructors (many from the Hockey Canada/Olympic program!). *click on the Instructor tab!

You will be impressed by the sense of inspired work ethic, camaraderie and focused skill-building at all levels. All programs include pre- and post-ice time activities that are meaningfully CONNECTED to the on-ice program.